Growing up with an appreciation for the fine arts, performing arts, and eventually the cinematic arts, Ethan found his passion primarily behind the camera. Since then he has focused on the visual aspect of filmmaking and is currently working in the camera department as a camera operator & cinematographer
During his time in the industry, Ethan has assisted in the camera department for major production companies such as ABC, History, Travel Channel, and Red Thread Pictures on Paramount Studios Lot. Having further success in the creation of his own personal projects, Ethan and his brother Seth swept the film festivals with their latest film'Keys', winning the 2017 Remi Award in the Houston Worldfest Film Festival, the same award Steven Spielberg was handed in 1969 for one if his first films 'Amblin' 
Ethan is passionate, outgoing, fun, and professional; with his Army ROTC leadership background and industry experience, he knows how to efficiently, professionally, and successfully execute any project large or small, specializing in turning your artistic vision into a cinematic reality.